The Canadian Botanical Association

In 1964, following a report endorsed by the Royal Society of Canada, an organizational committee was convened to oversee the formation of the Canadian Botanical Association (CBA/ABC). The founding meeting was held at Carleton University, Ottawa, May 26-28, 1965, and was attended by 179 delegates.

Since that time the CBA/ABC Annual Meeting has continued to be the major activity of the Association, providing opportunities to present papers and posters, to attend specially organized symposia, to participate in field trips to areas of botanical interest, and to meet with colleagues from all areas of Canada for the discussion of mutual interests.

CBA/ABC serves as the national organization for botanists in Canada, including professional botanists at universities, colleges, schools, government and industry, as well as interested students, technicians and amateurs. The Association represents Canadian Botany and botanists in matters of local, national and international importance. The preservation of botanically significant natural areas is of special interest.

The CBA/ABC publishes a Bulletin that provides news of Association activities and news about Canadian Botany and botanists. Seven Editors and their helpers have produced 26 volumes of news about and for the membership.

An elected Executive and Board of Directors are responsible for the operation of the Association and the organization of its activities.

The Association presents several awards at its Annual meeting to recognize outstanding contributions by both students and professional botanists.

Membership in the Canadian Botanical Association has many advantages. Members receive the Bulletin, the only nation-wide publication providing current information on botany in Canada. Members may attend annual meetings, contribute to the formulation of position papers on matters of concern to Canadian botanists and contribute to efforts to further botanical research activities in Canada. Members also receive a discount on subscriptions to NRC journals.